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Key considerations when embarking on a new construction project

By May 3, 2019December 18th, 2020Construction News

The requirements for planning permission?

At MTX we can work with you to establish your requirements and submit planning on your behalf. Please remember our construction solutions are completely flexible and compliant, both with regards to environmental performance and the way in which our buildings look.

Do you have funding in place?

MTX will work with you to establish accurate costs. If required, we can work with you to produce OBC and FBC submissions. In addition, we have several funding and procurement options available to you with including capital purchase and rental options.

Do you have the right team in place to deliver the entire project?

We are regularly involved with our clients from RIBA stage 0 (strategic definition) and in conjunction with our architects, MEP, structural engineers and consultants, are able to get your next project designed and built to your exact requirements.

Consider your programme?

Supporting the demands of winter bed pressures is a core part of our business, so make sure you speak to us at the earliest opportunity. In this way we can work with you to plan and understand key milestones so we collectively meet deadlines.

Are you choosing the right team?

MTX are a friendly and professional organisation constantly striving to meet clients expectations. Ensure when choosing your construction partner that they have a good financial stability, quality, safety and environmental procedures, utilise a common data environment, understand digital construction and BIM and have good programming tools in addition to a robust historical supply chain.

If you have a project that you wish to progress,
it would be great to hear from you.